Vijay Parmar - Diablo Technologies

Vijay Parmar

Partner, GII Tech Ventures Board of Directors

Vijay focuses on mid-stage technology investments in companies with a proven product and/or service in deployment and a strong customer and revenue pipeline as well as select early stage companies on a rapid growth curve. Vijay brings a wealth of operating experience to the GII Tech portfolio companies as well as a vast global network. His experience includes both startup companies (VP Marketing at VxTel, acquired by Intel; Founder/CEO at GainSpan, spun off from Intel; Founder/CEO at ReZolt and Ubzerve, acquired by Anaren) and large companies (senior executive positions at AMD and Intel). He is adept in areas including cloud technologies, networking, telecommunications, wireless, and Internet of Things.  Vijay has lived and worked in Taiwan, New Zealand, Bahrain and India, and is now settled in the Silicon Valley. Vijay received a B. Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and an MBA in Finance from Tulane University.