Maher Amer, Chief Technology Officer

Maher Amer

Chief Technology Officer

Maher Amer is Chief Technology Officer at Diablo Technologies Corporation. Maher has over 15 years of experience in the field of ASIC development and system architecture. He has been with Diablo since 2005 starting as Senior ASIC architect. Since then he held a series of technical and management positions. Maher was a key contributor to the ASIC implementation and architecture of Diablo’s Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB). He also led Diablo System Architecture team in defining the only plug-and-play proprietary Load Reduction chipset for DDR3 memory channels. Maher owns the System Engineering effort within Diablo and maintains key technical relationships with forward thinkers involved in the server and storage industry. Prior to joining Diablo Maher was the Digital Prime at IceFyre semiconductor, responsible for the development of an advanced 802.11a wireless chipset. With strong DSP knowledge and solid theoretical background Maher was essential in the implementation and architecture of the IceFyre wireless chipset. Maher was also part of Extreme Packet Devices; a startup that was successfully acquired by PMC-Sierra. Maher started his career as an analogue designer at Mosaid Technologies designing DRAM and SRAM memory arrays. Maher holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering with Honors from McGill University where he specialized in Communication and VLSI.