Kevin Wagner, Vice President Marketing - Diablo Technologies

Kevin Wagner

Vice President Marketing

Kevin Wagner is Vice President of Marketing for Diablo Technologies with nearly twenty years of experience and leadership in product marketing, program management and building strategic alliances, primarily in enterprise markets. Prior to Diablo, Kevin Wagner was Vice President of Product and Program management at OCZ Technology where he developed market strategy for enterprise SSDs and acceleration software products. Previously at Advanced Micro Devices for more than 10 years, Wagner forged strategic GPU and software alliances with multiple Tier-1 companies and system OEMs, including development of a complete 64-bit device driver ecosystem for AMD’s industry standard x86-64 instruction set. Kevin Wagner established and directed the vertical market software organization for AMD, successfully building business relationships with Fortune 500 enterprises in financial services, manufacturing, telco and other vertical segments. Previously holding management positions at ATI Technologies and SEGA, Kevin Wagner’s experience set includes processors, operating systems, system chipsets and BIOS, graphics and gaming. He holds a B.S. in economics with a minor in computer science from California State University, Sacramento.