Daniel Cobb, Technology Trajectory

Daniel Cobb

EMC Technical Advisory Board

Daniel Cobb is an EMC Distinguished Engineer, leading corporate non-volatile memory strategic initiatives.  Cobb is responsible for technology trajectory, investment priorities, and product strategy.  Prior to this role, Cobb led a variety of early stage technology initiatives within the company as CTO of the Emerging Technologies Division, the Virtual Computing Environment, and Backup, Recovery, and Archive.

In 2000, Cobb was a founding team member of Storigen Systems, where he led system architecture and platform integration for Storigen’s innovative content delivery engine, later acquired by EMC. Before Storigen, Cobb led several, emerging technology ventures with the Networks & Storage and Office & Consumer businesses at Avid Technology. Prior to Avid, Cobb was a Consulting Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation. During his 16-year tenure at DEC, he worked in a variety of technology areas – including operating systems, distributed computing, internet collaboration, and the “classic” internet search engine, AltaVista.

Cobb holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Vermont.