Michael Parziale - Diablo Technologies, ASIC

Michael Parziale

Vice President, Business Operations

As Co-Founder and Vice President, Michael completed a successful 4+ year mandate as VP R&D, which he built and managed Diablo’s ASIC and Analog design teams since inception. Michael now manages critical business relationships and is actively involved in program and product line management activities. Previous to Diablo, Michael was at Nortel Networks where he led a specialized verification team that was responsible for multi-chip verification for proprietary SONET-based and Ethernet protocols. He was also responsible for introducing new verification tools, as well as defining verification flows for co-simulating several network devices in a single environment. At Goal Semiconductor, Michael was the Digital Design Team manager where he was responsible for delivering digital designs that seamlessly integrated with analog sensor IP. He has held team leadership and project management positions in ASIC design, ASIC verification and system verification for Goal Semiconductor and Nortel Networks (HDX program). Mike holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from Concordia University where he specialized in VLSI and ASIC design methodology.