Adam Leventhal, Delphix - Diablo Technologies

Adam Leventhal

Delphix Technical Advisory Board

Adam Leventhal is the Chief Technical Officer at Delphix where he sets product strategy. In his years at Delphix, Adam has led engineering teams–while himself contributing code–focused on the Delphix file system and operating system, networking, and performance. Before joining Delphix, Adam was a founding member of the Fishworks group at Sun (now Oracle) that developed an innovative storage appliance built on ZFS, DTrace and other Solaris technologies. At Fishworks, Adam invented the Hybrid Storage Pool, integrating flash into the storage hierarchy, and was responsible for the company-wide flash memory strategy and roadmap. Adam began his career in the Solaris Kernel Group after graduating from Brown University, cum laude. In the kernel group, he was the co-inventor of DTrace, the dynamic tracing framework that has since been incorporated into Mac OS X and FreeBSD. For his work on DTrace, Adam was awarded Sun’s Chairman’s Award in 2005, top honors from the Wall Street Journal’s innovators award in 2006, and the USENIX STUG prize in 2008. Adam has been granted 14 patents with several pending.