Keep Your Storage Close

  • Lowest Latency
  • Highest Performance
  • Maximum Flexibility

what it is

Meet Memory Channel Storage

The next-generation platform that sheds the restraints on enterprise storage.

High-performance storage with write latency of <5 MS
Available in 200GB and 400GB capacities
Industry Standard DDR DIMM Form Factor

how it works

A Flash Of Brilliance

Put Flash where it belongs – directly on the Memory Channel

  • Keeps data close to the CPU
  • Leverages the inherent parallelism of the memory subsystem
  • Performance scales linearly as the number of MCS modules in a system increase

what it does

Make your applications run faster.
Maximize Revenue with Limited Time.


    Place data on shortest
    path to CPU

    Provides the lowest
    write latency

    Delivers parallel access
    to storag for highest


    Deployed in a distributed manner,
    enabling linear performance scaling

    Maintains consistently low latency,
    even as I/O load increases

    Prevents data access conflicts
    and flash management


    Standard JEDEC-compliant
    DDR DIMM Form Factor

    Enables use of flash storage in both racks and blades

    Leverages server
    DIMM slots

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