Rewriting the rules of datacenter performance and economics with the world’s first all-flash system memory technology

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A first-of-its-kind module that quadruples server memory capacity, enabling datacenters to optimize performance and minimize costs.

A disruptive approach to storage access that remains the technology-of-choice for high-performance, data-intensive applications.

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Diablo Technologies has over a decade of experience developing high-performance memory products that solve urgent business problems by wringing more performance out of fewer servers. Diablo's Memory1 is the first product to bring the cost, capacity and power benefits of flash directly to system memory, enabling dramatic reductions in datacenter expenses and significant increases in application productivity.




Packs 4X the capacity of the largest DRAM modules, delivering greater capability with fewer servers, enabling reduced datacenter costs.

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Delivers massive data capacity via the shortest path to the CPU, achieving predictable low latencies and scalable performance.

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